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About Our Laboratory

By rightly blending the biotechnology and information technology, Meditec Diagnosis brought the world class diagnostic services to the nooks and corners of the country at costs which almost everyone can afford. Meditec Diagnosis is recognized as a centre of innovation and a premier clinical pathology laboratory. Visionary leadership, strategic associations with other leading laboratories across the country, strict ethical policies and a penchant for technology are some of the reasons Meditec Diagnosis is considered to be best in laboratory chain.

At Meditec Diagnosis, we feel our team has set the standards for superior quality in the field of diagnostic laboratories. But a vital factor that makes Meditec Diagnosis run smoothly is a well-oiled corporate machinery driven by the same goals that motivate each and every one of our laboratories. The diverse clinical experience and expertise of our management team, balanced with keen business acumen shapes the vision of our organization and forms the policies that help us serve our customers.

Personnel validation

Two different technicians do replicate testing; and the result reproducibility is compared in procedures like staining, microscopy, manual assays, etc. Specimen collection and handling: Quality assurance checks in specimen collection and handling is done in the following manner: Specimens are collected and handled according to manufacturers protocols for each test. If there is any delay in testing, specimens are preserved at appropriate temperature to ensure their stability. Patients test management: Patients test management includes the following: Specimen accessioning/record-keeping system to track all specimens received in the laboratory Ensuring that test reports contain all information needed to interpret the results Timeliness of test reports as per the turn around time. Ensuring that copies of all test reports are retrievable by laboratory personnel. Handling of alert values according to Quality System Procedure for reporting of critical values. We use the golden reference technology for all critical referral tests such as Tuberculosis, HIV Testing, Hepatitis Testing, Immunohistochemistry / Genetics. Experience Reports are also available online ensuring daily reporting and quick turnaround time. Logistics Capability Through many years of experience of our M.D., we have developed a keen knowledge base on national logistics including preservation, transportation, packing and documentation for sample handling. Quality Services are provided through full automation, regular calibration and controls, standardized imported reagents, authorization by qualified pathologists. A crosschecking mechanism for result checking (while feeding, reporting, signing) is done to ensure that a wrong result never goes to a patient.


Meditec Diagnosis has a strict Code of Ethics. This code serves as a strict guideline for employees and helps each member of the organization focus on the mission.

Duty to the Patient

As a clinical laboratory, we are accountable to the patient for the quality and integrity of our services. This obligation includes maintaining competence in judgment and performance and safeguarding the patient from incompetent or illegal practices by others. All personnel of the Meditec Diagnosis sign and abide by a memorandum that asks them to maintain strict confidentiality of patient information and test results. Their work should ensure safeguarding of dignity and privacy of patients.

Duty to Colleagues and the Profession

Meditec Diagnosis upholds the dignity and respect of the medical profession and maintains fastidiously a reputation of honesty, integrity and reliability. Our management contributes to the advancement of the profession by:
1.constantly improving the available body of knowledge
2. adopting scientific advances that benefit the patient
3. maintaining high standards of laboratory practice and education
4. seeking fair socioeconomic working conditions
Meditec Diagnosis endeavors to establish cooperative and respectful working relationships with other healthcare professionals.

Duty to the Society

The Meditec Diagnosis pledges to contribute to the general well being of the community. Our organization complies with relevant laws and regulations applicable to the practice of QUALITY POLICY In a country with innumerable diagnostic centres, we have made quality our top differentiator. Meditec Diagnosis has made its commitment to quality very basic, tangible and measurable. Customer satisfaction is one of parameters by which we judge our efforts in this direction.

Quality Policy

Meditec Diagnosis, all the time will work towards a common goal of total customer satisfaction by providing cost effective pathological testing services with precise investigation, quality, speed, accuracy, safety, integrity and courtesy. Meditec Diagnosis assures services in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and adhering to National and International Standards applicable to Clinical Testing Laboratory and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).


We have distinct method performance specifications like sensitivity, precision, interferences, reference ranges, repeatability, reproducibility and linearity. Data on these are provided by manufacturers kit inserts.


Calibration of equipment is done by a biomedical engineer (from equipment manufacturer) at times of installation and major breakdown. Reagent and equipment measuring system calibration is done according to the frequency suggested by the manufacturer. In case The test values of quality control sera tested are found to be out of range. After major equipment maintenance. Changes in reagent (lot, new)


Approved (CE, FDA) reagents are used within the prescribed expiry period and stored under prescribed temperature conditions. Calibrators and quality control sera are reconstituted, stored and used according to prescribed norms; and records are maintained of the same.

New Lot Validation

For manual assays: New reagent lots are checked against old lots before or while being placed in service. For automated instruments: Two-level QC with new reagent lot.

New Lot Validation

For manual assays: New reagent lots are checked against old lots before or while being placed in service. For automated instruments: Two-level QC with new reagent lot.